Friday, August 04, 2006

The following days

Fews days after I have settled in my new appartment in Brooklyn Iam becoming more familiar to the New York time which I acknowledge was a big issue for me . because when it is around 3-4pm here I was starting sleeping on my desk because my mind and body were still linking with the Rwandan time. americans have the habit of eating several times and Iam not familiar with that I used to have lunch at a particular time and a given place . At ICTE in the coffee room there are always drinks and food as there are most of the time trainings and workshop mainly during the summer time. I can't resist to not testing different nice and new drinks and food that I discouver so sometimes I found that I like and on the other hand I have bad luck to choose something that after the test I found that I dont like . So I never got hungry because of that and I can't prepare food at my appartment I always go back to sleep when Iam full since I came. which is a good thing for me because I am still questioning myself what will happen if I find myself in the situation of cooking for myself and yet I donot know to use the nice and modern machines they put in my appartment. since I have never used the laundry machine I have been changing clothes but I will rich the stage where I have to wash I really hope to learn soon how to use it. anyway those are some of the questions that I still have.
on the other hand there has been a development in my skills in using the subway train. wednsday was successfull day for me I made it I came by myself from Manhatan to brooklyn using the sub way train. basically I kept looking on wall every single minute to check out the name of my neighbouhood called high stree and I made it I was very happy and celebrating . that made me gaining some confidences and trust to myself that I could start using the sub way alone. tomorrow I will try to use it and I will inform you How it goes dont miss it.
the people at ICETE are very friendly and helpfull they have anice program and Iam getting used to it. they have been connecting to people who work in the same domain as myself and it is always relevant for a person like me and others who passed by.
still the working environment in Usa is totally different from africa and Rwanda.
at work in Rwanda peoplewast sometimes chating joking and socialising a little bit and this keeps freshness in your mind even if you loose alot of time talking socially you gain joyce and happiness. here it is hardly that people in the street or at work can make fun with you everyone concetrates in his or her office untill the end of the day, so you feel lonely some how when you arenot familiar with that rythm and environment of working. when they dont have a specific question related to work they want to discuss that is it. the salutations you receive do not appear as if they were real , you receive apart time smile any way it is strange people seems to be not happy when they say hi.
anyway professionally this IGP that ICTE offer to people is very helpfull. Ihave been observing the activism that young people have in USA manly those I meet here at ICTE and it inspires me to create such big opportunity when I go back home. believe me you always have many things to learn by observing a new society like this. I feel like my mind was some how closed now it is open, this part is difficult to explain.
the discussions I had with thethe people who run this program here open my eyes and other windows for me in terms of thinking and doing my own things.
I wish many young people from developping countries could get opportunity like this and use it appropriatetly.... amazing tool, since Iam here Ihave been passionated by internet alot. I have access to internet at the appartment and office , the connection is so fast and it gives you the energy of doing other things fast. I fear that when I go back home I may be sick of loosing this access which is changing my daily life by connecting me to new peopole and new ideas, I undestand and get now some answears , how human being have managed to construct such amazing briges up my appartment I mean Brooklyn and Manhtan briges, the big flats, the nice cars, the technologies of sub way train I keep questioning myself why AFRICA is so different even 50 years after the independance, Did God created us differently? the facilities of eating using dishes I untill now I have atleast abig answear even getting an amazing internet connection can make difference.
any let me stop here and I promise to keep updating you about my adventure in NEW YORK CITY
Before I finish yesterday Iwent in the restaurent in Brooklyn with a friend and I kept comparing people I was seeing around me and the movies that I have seen woundering if those are the individuals I used to see or not so funny no? but a reality in me , the power of the information that wetsterns feed developping countries is still intriging me sorry if Iam not clear...
in our tradition there is a say : we dont choose good friends, good friends are the one you meet so be carefull.....
talk to you soon...
Dont be upset by my english it is my third language and I learned it two years ago be ....

Sunday, July 30, 2006

first day in NYC

I arrived in New York around 12 30 local time at JFK Airport I got confused by a longue queu waiting for my luggages and I became anxious because I spent 30 minutes waiting for it . finally I got it and found my friends Marian and Heddy waiting for me outside. they drove me inside a luxury taxi car to ICTE where I met a person to introduce me my new office and appartment in brooklyn and opther packages. after being settled I went in a near restaurent to share food with Marian and Heddy a piece of rice and fish.

I was impressed by the diversity of the inhabitants and the complexity of the transport means. In my way from the air port I reconised one of the famous street known from Eddy Murphy famous movies: A Prince in New York Queens boulevard you remember very well this movie, it was so exciting to see the big differences between my country Rwanda and the city, big bridges, big cars with music in high volume any way after some minutes I sarted to realise that I was in the city that I used to see in the american movies only you can guess how exciting it is. what made me more confused was different kinds of people eating in the street in front of nice and expensive american jeeps that I saw everywhere in manhatan walking with HEDDY AND MARIAN. I also saw women carrying their kids in the hands and feared that they could fall comparing to how our african mums carry their kids. I kept looking around estonished with the look and the style of Newyorkees .Iam now learning through Marian And Heddy how to use sub ways, map and other electrionic cards with which I am not familiar with. . I look like a typical Rwandan peasant coming the first time in the city of kigali from the village.

Then came the technology of my appartment with electronic keys and and a modern kitchen that I am not used to but that Iam interested to lean how it works.
so I am waiting to see how it goes tommorow my first experience at ICTE i will keep you updated about it.